A Brand New Day Foundation

How it all started:

Brian and Gina Walden's youngest son Ethan was diagnosed with Moderate to Severe Autism at the age of 2 1/2 years old. The Walden's quickly had to learn how to stand in faith, seek God and follow the plan that He gave them. As they stood in faith, and learned to believe God in spite of the day to day trials of Autism, they saw Ethan improve and blossom in every area of development.

By the age of kindergarten Ethan was in regular education classes, learning beside typical children. Today, Ethan is at the top of his class, has lots of friends, and loves to learn. He just started 6th grade and no longer has any signs of Autism.


Brian and Gina Walden know first hand the heart ache, the daily challanges and the emotional roller coaster that accompany an Autism diagnosis. Now, Brian and Gina desire to give back and encourage other parents who find themselves in the same situation.

Through their 501C3 non profit they provide Grants that help fund Medical Care, Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Nutritional Needs and Educational Advocacy Services.

They also hold annual Autism Conferences, and will soon host their first ever Marriage Conference. Your financial support helps us bring Hope and Encouragment to families that are facing this hopeless diagnosis. 

The Conferences:

On July 23rd, 2014 they held their first Annual Autism Conference. About 100 parents came to this free conference to learn the latest developments and information from professionals in their field.   We also heard the latest Autism Medical Research and were reminded of the importance of a Bio-Medical Intervention plan to help their child recover from Autism. 

Again in January 2017 over 100 families were encouraged as they heard the latest information and developements in Autism. Hope was shared, parents were encouraged and given tools to help their children grow.


Frundraising events and donations help us help others. Through gifts and donations we provide grants for medical, developmental and dietary needs to chilfren with Autism or children showing autistic symptoms.

For more information, t set up a Conference in your city, or to contact us,0 email Brian at waldenfamilyministries@hotmail.com