"A Brand New Day" The Story

Chapter 1

It was 7 o’clock in the morning when I walked into the
boys’ room to wake them up for school. I reached down
and touched Ethan’s back and said, “Good morning,
Ethan. Are you ready for a brand new day?”
He rolled over, opened his big blue eyes, and looked up
at me. It was not just his mouth that smiled, I could see the smilein his eyes;

his whole face gleamed with excitement.

He reached up and gave me a big hug, jumped down from
his bed and ran down the hall. He couldn’t wait to start
this new day; today was his fifth birthday.

Five o’clock that afternoon I stood in amazement as all
of his friends came in to celebrate my child, who according
to his doctor, may never be able to make friends. I
watched as Ethan took his best friend by her hand, and
with joy and excitement ran from one bouncer to the next,
laughing, jumping, and playing as if he never had this terrible
disorder called autism.

I followed him and his friends, videotaping their every
move. Although I did my best to record the whole thing,
I couldn’t seem to hold the camera still as I watched the
promises of God play out in front of me. Only a few of
my closest friends could see the emotions of the past three
years streaming down my face in the form of tears. It was
exactly as God said it would be. Ethan was healed; he was
a new child. He was interacting, playing, and laughing
like every other five-year-old in the room.

I don’t think the other parents would believe what we
had been through. No one there knew the road we had to
walk, the fights we fought, or the prayers we cried for our
son. Only God knew the whole story. He knew every step
He ordered, every door He opened, and every path He
made to lead us to where we are today.

I’ve always known that God is faithful, and today He
has indeed proven Himself faithful to me. This really is a
brand new day: Wednesday, May 19, 2009, the day that
my family and I declared victory over autism.